The Datatech group commitment



Cost management is a key element of our holistic approach to technology consulting. Cost of ownership and absolute cost of delivery are carefully considered during solution development. The DataTech Group's commitment to focus and value ensures an atmosphere of teamwork between our consultants and our clients. Together we strive for the valuable, cost effective solutions you deserve.

industry expertise 

From Executive Management to intelligent Consultants, The DataTech Group is composed of elite commercial industry talent with knowledge and experience that consistently exceeds clients' expectations. But, our experience is not limited to private sector work. Multi-million dollar research and development experience with prime government contracts ensure the knowledge needed to navigate public sector projects.


Our assessments are always vendor-independent. Freedom from product allegiance allows us to focus precisely on your needs. Unlike vendor organizations that often make recommendations designed to accommodate or circumvent product weaknesses, our team is free to develop the best solution for your company. The result: targeted solutions, superior systems customization, and improved project efficiency.


Our application design approach emphasizes integrating your current processes. We strive to provide a custom fit aimed at common, intuitive interfaces and easier information management. We design with the user in mind.



We emphasize tangible and intellectual support in the design of our systems. First, we carefully document each system's design to ensure accuracy and security of your intellectual property. Then, we perform a rigorous review process to identify each failure point and ensure a solid support design. Our proactive approach to design focuses on minimizing down-time to prevent lost productivity and reduce maintenance costs.



System design is incomplete without integrating optimal performance, flexibility, and salability. Performance standards include optimal query time and data consistency, and we integrate scaling capabilities and flexible architecture to ensure the system's adaptability to changing data and user needs. While our primary concern is always the key business drivers defined in the project, we understand the need for long-term investment protection.




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