Enterprise Architecture

As personal computers and small servers became widely accepted in the industry, Organizations were spending more and more money and time in building IT systems.  Organizations were also finding it more and more difficult to keep those increasingly expensive IT systems aligned with business need.   These problems, first recognized 25 years ago, have today reached a crisis point.  As Information Technology shifted from a competitive advantage to a necessity, organizations realized that they can no longer afford to ignore these problems.  Resolving these issues gave birth to the field we currently recognize it as Enterprise Architecture.  

In its simplest tangible form, Enterprise Architecture is a fully integrated collection of models and documents clearly defining the relationships between various architectural domains.  DataTech has been delivering successful Enterprise Architecture for both public and private sector using widely used methodologies to include TOGAF, FEA and DODAF.   While every methodology has strengths, they are only tools.  Unfortunately, these methodologies typically overlook the social engineering aspects of enterprise development.  We understand that your business is comprised of people, and your success depends on their ability to effectively use the architecture.  Our emphasis on providing solutions with your users in mind sets us apart from our competition and ensures the personal attention your project deserves.

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