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about our group

As our company name suggests, we distinguish ourselves as an empowered group of individuals dedicated to providing IT Systems Integration expertise with an emphasis in data related technologies like Data Warehousing and Decision Support Systems.  At the center of our philosophy is “Sustainable Value” as we seek to maximize the value proposition of our clients' programs. In today's volatile environment, you want the foresight and knowledge of successful industry leaders. But, you also need a company with a vested interest in your project's success. Our focused range of capabilities coupled with our emphasis on providing IT solutions with your users in mind sets us apart in achieving high rate of project successes When you choose The DataTech Group, you are choosing the expertise, agility and personal attention that only a strategic group, focused on value rather than volume can provide Contact us for more information.

Our core philosophy: Provide SUSTAINABLE VALUE

As Henry Ford said, 'You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do.' We know your success enhances our success. As an expanding IT Solutions Provider, we recognize your need to sustain growth through reliable IT solutions. At The DataTech Group we have proven deployment success in both the public and private sectors. Read just a few of our success stories

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We take great pride in our reputation as a successful solutions provider and are committed to providing you with the company-wide attention you deserve. Our teams meet frequently with The DataTech Group's Executives to discuss project progress, recommend improvements, and update priorities. This results in timely decision making and issue resolution crucial to maximizing valuable resources

technical expertise

Our founders' extensive IT experience enables them to recognize technical talent and unite individuals with the diverse skill sets needed to deliver complex information solutions.  Our focus and greatest success has always been the ability to find top national talent and welcome them into our professional environment of creative teams who share the same drive to deliver on our clients'  projects needs through experience, focus, and value.


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